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Steve Allen Video Masterclass 2021 - Part 3 - Mid Bass *BLACK FRIDAY 50% OFF*

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In this tutorial series I show you the ways I have been choosing and processing my mid bass from years of trial and error, from all the tracks ive produced as Allen & Envy, to how im producing my music now!

With a Beatport Number 1 for a month, 19 Top 10's and 129 Top 100's on just my own music, as well as hundreds of engineered tracks, as well as over 20 Million Spotify streams, these are the processes i use on my own music, the music i engineer that i want to share with you to help your productions!

This video is recorded in FL Studio, however if you do not use this DAW all the processes and techniques i use can easily be transferred to the DAW you use!

What I cover (Length 59 Minutes)

- Understand where we want the mid bass to sit in relation to the sub bass

- Adding different layers of mid bass

- Manipulating velocity, and linking them to add a more interesting sound

- Note lengths

- EQ

- Different patterns

- Getting that human feeling to your mid bass

- Adding mid bass groove

- Adding mid bass stabs to add interest

- Haas effect

- Checking how the Sub and Mid Bass interact

- Auditioning different EQ slopes to see what fits best

- Setting the levels of each mid bass layer

- Saturation

- Delay

- Creating interesting FX on a send and receive channel

- Using OTT

- Limiting

- Sidechaining

- Manipulating the mid-bass to push certain frequencies


This tutorial can be applied to any DAW!

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Steve Allen Video Masterclass 2021 - Part 3 - Mid Bass *BLACK FRIDAY 50% OFF*

0 ratings
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